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Hi, I’m Isobel, owner and designer of Bizzy Izzy.

My daughter and I have kept honeybees in our garden for over 5 years. We love having beehives in the garden, not only can we watch the bees foraging and pollinating the flowers, but we are in constant awe at the materials they create. Bees make honey, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen. We check inside our beehives regularly, harvesting honey and beeswax when there is a surplus.

Bizzy Izzy believes in reducing our impact on the Earth. We do not use plastic packaging for any of our products, all packaging is recyclable glass, metal or cardboard. Shopping local can also help reduce your emissions by limiting your food miles (plus, our pickup option means no delivery fees). All of our candles are made in our home studio and honey is also bottled on site.